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                Vibrator Series
                Magnetic Stirrer Series
                Electric Stirrer Series and Other
                Thermostat Water Bath Tank Series
                Electrothermal Plate Series
                Centrifuge Series
                Electrothermal Sheath Series
                Ouartz Distillater Series
                Analyse Instrument

                Changzhou Aohua Instrument Co ., Ltd
                Add:#5 Sheng Du Road jin tan,jiangsu province
                Contact:Miss wang

                  Changzhou Aohua Instrument Co ., Ltd is an Foreign Exclusive Invested Enterprise Located in the beautiful region of water and lakes — Jiangsu Jintan,South of China. It is built based on Jintan Fuhua Instrument Co ., Ltd which has kept growing for many years. Now, the new enterprise not only with the Foreign Investment but also with their advanced technology on developing and produce the instruments for scientific research,education and experiment use such as Cultrue Tank, Oscillator, Mixer, Bathing Tank,etc.. Our products are always the best sellers in the market in the past years.
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                ADDRESS:#5 Sheng Du Road jin tan,jiangsu province CODE:213200
                TEL:86-0519-82838390 0519-88202969 0519-82899806  FAX:86-0519-82839882  
                CONTACTER:MISS WANG CELLPHONE:13004426205、13906146918  SERVICE:86-0519-82899801